Tuesday, April 24, 2012


I'm finding that I'm in the mood to trash it! In going through the "stuff" and preparing to pack, wait, how do you prepare to pack? You either do it or you sit down in the sun on the back porch and think about it. Now that's settled. 

Two years ago, when we were packing and yard-selling, I could not bring myself to trash much. I mean, we did sell what seemed like a lot of stuff, yet we moved a lot of stuff too. Now, I'm going through the same stuff, looking at Preacher man and saying things like, I haven't seem this in 2 years! Why do I still have that? Why am I keeping these? Who does this belong to? I can't even pull those over my thighs! Which I think concretes that saying that someone smarter than me came up with, If you haven't worn it in two years, pitch it! 

It's so true! We hold on to stuff way past it's drop off date, and I'm trying to figure out why. My Grands holding onto stuff, I understood (now, anyway) having grown up in the depression, but me? Is it in our genes? Are we programed to stock pile? 

I really have no excuses, being raised in the military and moving ever three years. The funny thing about that, is I thought for a long time that everyone moved like we did. That Daddy held on to my blanket, or what's left of it, is to tell you where I get my holding on to things from, cuz if it get's dust on it, Momma is throwing it out!

I think we hold on because we don't trust. We have such a small amount of faith in such a huge God, so we think we have to provided for ourselves. God let's us, don't get me wrong. He will let us hold on to whatever it is that's giving us comfort, I think mainly cuz he loves us so. But if your closet is so stickin' full you can't get another thing in it, how are you going to stay on the cutting edge of fashion? You know as well as I do, that some of that stuff very well may come back into style, but are you going to be the same size when it does?

When our hands are holding on to "stuff", when the blessings come, they just roll off the pile. Think about that for a minute...God gives you a blessing...and you let it fall to the ground...cuz your hands are full..of..your stuff. We just don't think about it that way, but it's how I think it works. Our hands can only hold so much, our day is only 24 hours long, you can only pay attention for so long. It's like when the ground is flooded and the down pour comes, there's nowhere for it to go, but down the road to a drier place. 

Seek to be that dry and thirsty place. Open your hands, your closets, your pantry and get that stuff out of there! Make room for blessings to come into your life. We don't really need all that stuff, we hold onto it cuz we're scared that God won't provide. Fear. That is something that doesn't come from God!           

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