Wednesday, April 25, 2012


So how many things are on your list to get done today? I have 10! I also have to admit, that it's from yesterday's list too. I have 5 things marked off, 2 of which belong to today! Yeah!

Do you find yourself doing that? Making list's. Do you stick with them? Mine seem to carry on for about a week, with additions and check offs. At one time, when I was running the soup kitchen, I kept my daily list on notebook paper. Yes, I had that many things to do! Now a day's, even though I seem to have a lot to do, my list is on post it notes or Marriott note thingys that they leave in the room for you to put list's on. 

I think this is where Covey got the idea for his Day Planners, of which I've had many! We just love checking things off and being organized, or at least looking like we are. 

Here are my questions: 

Do these list's hold our life in balance?
Do these list's bring us health?
Do these list's bring us closer to God?

I'm going with Maybe, Sometimes, and Probably not. In fact, if your like me, when a space opens up it's meant to be filled. 

Here's a new thought that will seem crazy to most people. Let the Holy Spirit come up with your list! I like to think that's why my list may last a week. I get it done, I just let the Spirit decide when it get's done. Take showers...please. I used to get up and first thing I did was take a shower. I would find sometimes that I wouldn't go work in the yard because I was already clean for the day, so I started putting off showers. (Preacher man still doesn't go for this!) Now I can work in the yard whenever, or at least until I take a shower.

My thinking on this is we have become so good at making our own list's that we don't leave any room for the Holy Spirit to move. This happens in a lot of churches too cuz we got to have a 2.3 minute prayer and the song has to be 5.3 minutes, the sermon needs to be cut short cuz the song ran long and no one will make it to Sunday school on time. In those churches, I think the Holy Spirit just waits to see if He's missed.

We leave tomorrow for the Woman's Walk to Emmaus, which on Mother's day in 2000, changed my whole life. This walk is at Mount Sequoyah in Fayetteville. We won't come off that mountain until Sunday afternoon and I pray that we as a team will make time for the Holy Spirit to order our day's. I have my list, my talk and prop's are ready to go, I'm packing this afternoon and I'm in a constant state of prayer, which is how God likes it.  

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