Thursday, August 16, 2012

Wide Place

Once a month I get the privilege of talking with my Spiritual Director. He would rather be called a Spiritual Guide, and I get that! God is the real Director and we just walk beside each other pointing out things. I am constantly blown away at how God uses other people to speak to me. Let me give you an example.

I'm doing something I've never done before, I'm truly being a Preacher's wife, in the all and nothing that it entails. My main thing is to take care of the Preacher, his home and all that goes with that, which includes mowing the yard, watering everything I can get my hands on and cooking meals, blah, blah, blah. I wasn't made this way, or maybe I should say I wasn't raised this way. Yet, maybe I was, I say that because I have the skills to do all that I just named and they had to come from somewhere! 

Two weeks ago, Preacher man told me he wanted a prayer team. I straighten up and took note of what he might have in mind. That's up to you he told me. Now this is something I went to school for...So two ladies came to mind, I asked, they said yes, we have said prayer team. We came together for our first meeting and I was so excited I could have started a brush fire. These ladies really wanted to be in prayer for the church and I was lovin' it! When it came time to pray, I said I would start and close out, but for them to jump in there when ever they wanted to. At the end, I was the only one that prayed and my heart sank.

I told this to my Spiritual Guide and he asked me what was God saying to me through that? What came to me was that God is everywhere and with everyone at whatever place they find themselves. I want to experience what I experienced in prayer at Asbury! Yet, these people weren't at Asbury and shouldn't be held to my expectations of what prayer looks like. In fact, this is just what prayer should look like... two or more gathering and communing with the Holy one in the way that they know how!

My Guide asked where are you now? I am in a very wide place right now! I have been in a very confined, controlled place that didn't allow for me to experience any of this wideness of God. Those gates have been taken down and God is calling me out into a very wide place, that is so different from what I know that I'm flipping out. 

So my heart soars at the thought of meeting with the prayer team again and being with them and God in the way that fits us! This is a new place, and we are about new things. And you know what? It's good!       

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Leslie said...

Not everyone prays out loud ;-) Matter of fact I hate praying out loud. Glad they came to pray with you.
Miss ya!