Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Changed Heart!

Can I tell you that I'm learning things about myself almost daily? I look in the mirror some mornings and I remember that face from so long ago that was all about the doing and getting it done. I mean, I still am, but I think I'm looking at it just a little differently everyday. 

I remember when God put me at the soup kitchen, surrounded by people on a board that really could care less about Jesus. They knew the job that had to be done, but really didn't see what Jesus had to do with any of it. I thought That's fine! If it weren't for Jesus I sure the heck wouldn't be working in a soup kitchen! So I'll just do what I do cuz of what Jesus did for me! I remember the looks and how everybody thought I was off my rocker, but all I could think about was getting these people off my board so I could surround myself with like hearted people and be about the work of the church! I pushed and pushed and all it got me was stronger in the area of pushing.

As I look back now, I still want to push. I want to proclaim: This is how Jesus wants it, what's wrong with you people, can't you see what your doing wrong and that doing it this way would make everything right to Jesus? I was having a fit about that not so long ago in the distance past when this wise Preacher man looked at me and said, You gotta let God change their hearts! 

It's true! Only God can change us. All the self help books in the world don't hold a candle to what reading the Bible can do for you. Don't understand it? Ask somebody, like Preacher man. If he doesn't know the answer, which he usually does, he will find out for you! Somewhere along the way, we stopped talking about what we've been reading. Or more like we stopped talking about what we've read in the Bible, cuz we stopped reading it huh? We don't talk about our spiritual gifts, we would rather talk about the sale at Dillard's, or that funny looking Preacher's wife. Talk all you want about me, cuz what you see is a girl sold out for Christ. I'm walking his walk and talking his talk! I don't have it all together, but I'm letting God change my heart, one day at a time!     

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