Tuesday, August 21, 2012


It has cooled off and I am loven being on the back porch! I just can't get over how I have missed not sitting in a pool of sweat!

I'm sure, like the rest of the country, you know that school has started back. Less than a half a block away is our elementary school and behind that and down the road a little is the high school. We have one of the best kept secret roads in Sherwood that runs right by the house to the schools. Needless to say the teachers know about it and we can see their parking lot from the porch. I can tell you right of the bat that teachers are paid well by seeing what they drive! And it seems that they can afford speeding tickets too!

Why do we have to get in such a hurry? I was talking with a neighbor last night and she was telling me about how she wishes it was November already. If it could already be November, I would have already lived through all the changes that are fixing to happen, I would be on the other side. When we think like this, we miss out on the blessing that are going to happen today. I understand where she's coming from, I get sucked into that thinking too, but I'm learning that now is the best place to be, if your really there.

With Preacher man preaching on the Sabbath and keeping it Holy, it really helps to start to see why God wants us to rest. It's so hard for us to let go of what we feel must get done, even on our Sabbath. God commanded us to rest! Think about that for a minute, women. When are you resting? I told Preacher man for years before he was Preacher man, that we could rest in Heaven! Don't get me wrong, there is a part of me that would love to just sit around and do nothing. 

God wants us resting, I believe, so we will let down our walls. Then, He might be able to speak with our hearts. When we take the time to just sit and Be, we are slowing our whole self's down so that things can get in. That's why people who have lost a spouse have to stay busy, cuz they don't want the memories to  surface and their hearts to start hurting again. What we forget is that God is there ready to help with that if we would but ask. 

When we slow down and take time to look for God, we will find Him! If you start your day by talking to God, ask Him to show up somewhere during the day, and then you start looking. You will stay in the present and not be ready for November to already be here. You will find God in nature even if you live in a city. You will hear his voice when a friend takes the time to talk, in a song on the radio, or when the door is held open for you. 

Come into the silent presence of God and ask for the light in discovering the traces of God's presence and absence in our life.    

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