Thursday, August 9, 2012


Life has a way of stretching us, have you noticed it? When we're being stretched, we think it's only us that is being pulled on in that way. I have found that when we share life with others, we find that we have either been pulled that way just days or weeks before, or look out, it's just down the road! 

Sometimes we are pulled to a breaking point and I have been thinking about that lately...why do we resist? What is so ingrained in us that we have to hold on with both hands as we are being ripped from end to end? It's crazy! It's painful and you know what else? It's usually where the growth comes from.

We all have anxiety in our life and we all deal with it in different ways. There is a large amount of our lives that are all about the uncertainty and what the future holds, and it can cause us to freeze, or break.

I have been waiting for years for someone important enough to notice me and my giftings. I have taken enough classes and spent enough time at the feet of great teachers to be one myself, however no one has seen that light that has been shining on me...not even me. Now Preacher man has and that's one of the reasons he sees me as a partner in ministry with him and not just the Preacher's wife. I do like hiding under that title though, it offers a great surprise factor!

I Skype Sister Rachel about starting on my Practicum. I had filled out all the forms and wrote down everything I've done and learned. She looked at me and asked the greatest question ever... What are you waiting on?

So I encourage you to stretch with life, there is probably a really good lesson behind it. Don't let it freeze you up or put you in a corner. Try bending a little, like the old trees in a wind storm. When they bend, they don't break so easily.   

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redheadbeck said...

Made me cry this morning!!!