Saturday, August 4, 2012

Ford Truck

We went and did it! We sold the Ford Truck today! It is a sad day for me, mainly cuz I hate to get rid of anything, secondly cuz it was the only truck we had with an AC!

We drove almost two hours north to Clinton Arkansas. The buyer, Dan, drove down from somewhere in Missouri with his wife and five kids. Preacher man set the meeting time at noon and I thought, Hey, can we move that up a couple hours so we can get back before it get's too hot?! So we met at 10:00 amish. Hands were shacked, people were introduced, and the all important check was written and deposited via the iPhone and we were off in different direction. Preacher man and I stopped at this little antique dive to check things out. We are always looking for something strange. Anyway, we got back into the Chevy and Preacher man turned the key and nothing! We looked at each other and we just had to laugh just a little. See the way things have been going with us lately, this really didn't surprise us one bit! 

When you start or renew your work for God, this makes satan antsy and when that happens, no telling what's going to start happen. So, the TV had a Romanian Ox fall on it and busted it up real good. Had no idea how we were going to take care of that, when the mail came within the week with our deposit money back from the house we rented in Rogers! Sell the best truck we have and keep the oldest one and it doesn't start anymore. These are the big things that have happened, but there have been countless small things.

It was close to 100 degrees when we came out of this little store and nothing happened with the Chevy. Preacher man went back in and bought a wrench for .65 cents so he could do something. I would turn the key countless times and nothing was happening. Then an older man came out and climbed into this huge Harley Davidson diesel truck next to us. He watched Preacher man messing around with the battery. He got out and asked if we needed a jump, sure we said. After a few try's, she turned over and we ran all the way home.

The crazy part about this truck situation is the Mini won't even be here until the middle of September!   

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