Sunday, June 10, 2012


I find things pretty fascinating sometimes don't you? What things, you may ask. Well, life things I guess. 

For starters, I think animals are a lot smarter than we give them credit. Yazi being gone has created a hole in our little family/herd and it came out in a sweet way last night. Yazi had this red blanket that he laid on at night as we sat on the couch. Since the selling of the couch, it has taken a spot between Preacher man and I on the floor. Let me say again, this was Yazi's blanket. No one else has ever even thought about using it. Last night, Sam walked up to it, smelled it an laid down on it, just like that. Yazi's cat box was in my bathroom, on the tile floor which Gracie love's to lay on during the summer. Yesterday while I was blow drying my hair, Gracie came into the bathroom, looked at where the box use to be, laid down in front of that spot, and let out the biggest sigh. I believe they both know he's gone and they miss him. 

Another fascinating thing are plans and how silly they are sometimes. We planned on taking the Chevy to Sherwood on Thursday, didn't happen. We planned on Lois taking care of the herd while we were at Annual Conference, she fell a few weeks back and is just now getting out of the house, so needless to say, she ain't herd sitting. We planned on this dude named John to come by yesterday to learn how to take care of the herd, he was a no show. So the plan changed and I am staying at home to herd sit and Preacher man is going to AC without me. Poor guy, he'll be so bored without me there.

My last fascinating thing for the day has got to be list's! I asked Preacher man before he left what he wanted me to do while he was gone. I know what your thinking, Crazy woman, why did you do that?! I know right! Anyway, here's what the list looks like:
Wash dog beds
Pack Kitchen
Pack jewelry
Clean out freg
Pesto to June and Nancy
Check out freezer to see what goes
Is that crazy or what? Can you tell where Preacher man started getting involved? I'll give you a hint, right after Sam's! If I get all this done before he get's back on Wednesday, I might blow something up! Who know's,  may not even take a shower!

So these are the life things that fascinate me today. I'm pretty sure that I'll have a new list tomorrow, or maybe a revamped list of today. Either way, I bet a dime to a dollar, not all of this is getting done.

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