Tuesday, June 12, 2012


I over loaded a kitchen box Sunday. How do I know this? Well, when I get a box half full, I do a lift check. You know, lift the box to see if it's too heavy, cuz if it's too heavy, Preacher man will have a fit. I did the ole' lift check on the box that was half full...of pottery. Yeah, that's right, I couldn't lift it. So, Monday I took all that out and repacked it in two smaller boxes. Then I proceeded to refill the big box with what I thought was lighter stuff. Must have worked, I was able to get it out into the garage without a trip to the ER with a hernia. Today, I will be figuring out how to pack iron skillets. I know I've done it before, I've just slept since then.

I'm glad I stayed home with the herd, I really think they are morning Yazi. The crazy thing is they won't leave me alone. If I'm in the kitchen packing, Sam is under the table and Gracie is on the tile in the way. If I'm watching TV, one of them is laying on Yazi's blanket and the other is close at hand. Right now, Sam is under my feet and Gracie is in the bathroom laying on the tile. I think they are stressed with 963 boxes in the house, no furniture, Preacher man is missing, their food has just been changed, no Yazi... What the heck is going on?! We think that we can just leave them and they will cope, in the way that dogs cope. You know, digging holes, eating their beds, chewing on themselves, laying around in a depressed state. So here at Preacher man's house, we are morning, and packing and the door is open if you get bored and want to see some crazy!

So, did I tell you we leave the driveway in 14 day's? I'm just about out of bird seed, so I hope they are finding other places to eat. I made an announcement this morning stating the move date and our new address where the seed will be put out for them if they ever got down there. The squirrels were not impressed. Then again, it's hard to impress a squirrel.

I've been at this long enough and I need to get at slinging iron skillets, so I'm sure there will be more exciting info tomorrow.

Peace out!


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