Monday, April 16, 2012

Narrow Road

Wow! I really get blown away by God when I sit down and think about it. He, like, so has it all together and I so like, don't! I am rolling on the floor amazed at God today that is for sure! 

I'm thinking back on my life as it was, say about 20 yeas ago. For those of you who didn't know me than, just know that God was protecting you. For those of you who did, Bless you hearts! I bought into the lie that more was better! By golly, if it was out there, I needed it, or at least wanted it! I had rooms full of the stuff I had to have, the stuff that made my life complete! When it came time to move, I just moved it all with me. 

The problem is, we can't grow in our spiritual walk if our hands are already full! When we hold on for dear life to our stuff, God can't gifted us with what He wants to give us. Well, He can, but we don't get it, or can't take it cuz we have too much we are holding on to. Let me tell you from experience, it all can be justified too! I might get back into those size 6 pants! Those tee shirts from 1983 still mean a lot to me! I am holding onto those grudges and hurt feelings because if I let them go, who will remember? 

Bottom line, God is not going to rip that stuff out of our hands, it's not how he operates. For me, He showed me the narrow road. I looked at my stuff, and than at the road... it was not going to fit. So slowly, I started to drop a few things, and I didn't die! In fact it started to feel pretty good. As I was getting room in my hands, God dropped a blessing or two and I was able to hold on to it! Then He asked me if He could have the grudges and hurt feelings! What!? What are you going to do with them? Rain down fire burning hail on the people that caused them? Can I watch? I'm going to take it away so you can heal. What? I'm fine! Won't you give that to me? 

That's when it started really happening for me, the narrow way became the way of choice! My burden and my load is so much lighter than it was. My healing and recovery is so much bigger than I thought it ever could be, and the coolest part is I can walk beside you and show you it can be done in your life too. There is a light heartedness to my life now. I have an emptiness in my hands, a ego that has shrunk down to a proper size and a humble receptiveness to my heart! It's awesome, and there is so much less to move!    

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TheEccentricLady said...

Great post. I am much happier with less to worry about. Just going where He leads and enjoying the wonderful blessings and peace.