Friday, April 13, 2012


This month is going by so fast, that I'm having to look at May to get some of April done.
We have to pack, or maybe it's better to say, continue to pack. I think I had a packing dream last night. We start our motorcycle training next Thursday and that goes until Monday. Not continuously, but close enough. Did I tell you I'm somewhat nervous about this? I am! I have 3 more classes in the Spiritual Exercises and then a closing that takes place in Fort Smith the first Sunday of May. I also have to do 2 verbatim's for my Spiritual Direction class. That class will come to a close the first of July. Preacher man has a birthday this month as does my dad. We had our 19th anniversary sometime earlier this month. The following weekend is the spring woman's Walk to Emmaus and both of us are giving talks, that by the way, need a little work. No, I believe the word is polishing! Then this month is gone.

Do you find the same thing happening to you? Or is it just me? All this is going on and we still need to make time to shower (over rated), wash clothes, eat some food, see people and have a yard sell cuz Preacher man is not moving all this crap! 

It's like we have to get all this done before it get's so hot that we can't breath. I really don't know what is worse, the heat or the stickin' pollen! As we were packing yesterday, the amount of pollen that had blown in the windows and settled on everything, set my sinus' on edge! My issue is I love to have the windows open! I hate havin' a layer of yellowish green sneeze machine dust on everything in the house!

I'm putting some picture's on this post so you can see that I've been working! The boxes in the closet, I mainly did. Preacher man helped me with the whole get the bed in the corner look. That room is divided in half. Keep and move on one side and sell or trash on the other. Did I mention we had to have a yard sell?

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