Sunday, March 18, 2012


Packed Boxes! By Me!
I have a confession to make, I'm not very organized, like at all! I know this might throw some of you into a hysterical fit of laughter, but it is so true. If it weren't for Preacher man, I would, well, I don't know, sit around and get nothing done?

Preacher man left this morning for a mission trip in Rio Bravo, Mexico. The group is from our Northwest District and I believe there are 15 of them going. They will be building a school, a process that different mission teams are doing at different times during the year. It has done my heart good to see him get excited about doing mission work again. However, this is the first mission trip that I haven't been able to go with him and I going to veto this ever happening again!

Now, on with my lack of organizational skill. Last week, I packed 3 boxes, all by myself! I even have proof! OK, that's only 2 or the 3, but I really did 3! Here's is how these 3 boxes got packed. I sat down in from of a book shelf in the spare bedroom. This book shelf has my books on it and some notebooks that I filled up in seminary. Oh, I love books and some of these I had forgotten about and had to go flipping through them and the notebooks. An hour later I texted Preacher man and said, Houston, I have a problem! Preacher man replied, Put down the books and just pack the top shelf in the closet! Closet? Oh, yeah, I see that, OK! See, I have issues, but at least I know about them. I need direction and a set goal placed before me and I can get it done. Left to myself, I get side tracked and follow Alice down the rabbit hole! So people, when I say I've got 3 boxes done, it cause for celebration!

Now, I have all week to pack boxes! So, I walk into the room and I look around. I nod my head and I take a drink of coffee. I walk out to the garage to get a box and come back in and walk out to the porch and see that I need to fill the feeder and change the bird bath water. The dogs need rubbing and I sit down to enjoy the morning. The birds are singing up a storm this morning and as I look up at the trees to check the progress of their leafing, I see squirrels jumping from tree to tree! I love to just watch them...Crap!!! I was doing something wasn't I? I get up and get back in the house, and think on my way to the room, I should check emails before I get involved with this project. 

Pray for me!


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
I understand you. I need God to help keep me organized and heading along the path to salvation & enlightment.
God Bless You

redheadbeck said...

Why are you packing?? Where are you going now??