Friday, March 16, 2012

Get Them In!!

I have this thought about, well church. Have you noticed that we are trying every little thing that might bring in people? Especially the collage aged folks? When I think back on that age, I had no desire to be in church. I believe the general plan, now that I look back from this side was, I was raised in church, I would run away from church, I would come back to the only thing that really filled the void I have in me! If you think about it, most collages have foundations (The Wesley Foundation) that are church based for that age group, cuz it is so hard to get them into church.

Here's my question's and my thought on this "issue". Do you really think it's the new and explosiveness that the 20-somethings are looking for? Do you think they want to be singled out and stuck in a group that consists of more of themselves? Do you think their needs and hungers are any different than your?

On thinking about this, I see that they get all the new and shiny stuff out in the world. We have the 20-something males that are moving home with their parents and staying up all night playing those war and space conquering games, possibly holding down a job, maybe going to school, and basically trying to find themselves. They don't fit into the high school classes, although we treat them like they are mature high school people, whatever that is. We play "their kind of music" in a service, yet none of them are in that service. We offer Sunday school classes that "prepare" them for the real world and wonder why they don't show up! The 20-something females seem to be fairing better or longer in collage, act like they have a plan, yet end up back home in their parents house to find themselves and get their feet under them.

I, at times, feel like I have a very old soul. The old and Holy of the church really opens my heart, that maybe part of my love for the Catholic church. However, if you know me you know I have never acted my age. In fact, I think parts of me are still about 20-something. (This would not be the physical parts!) I think young. So maybe what was once old is becoming new again.

It might be just like David Crowder said; “And the younger generation is finding that this present moment is not sufficient enough. That we need something that’s bigger than just ‘the present.’ And we need words that say something that’s bigger than the present. But we cant’ look into the future, so we look backwards and pull from what has already been said. In doing so we also realize that we’re not alone in this present moment, but in fact our history is with us.”

What once was old, is new again. Think about that. Maybe the answer is to have a blended service instead of a traditional and contemporary? Maybe we should try to make it simpler instead of so dang controlled and timed! Maybe we should let the Holy Spirit be the Holy Spirit and run the show! Who is going to die if we run late because people wanted prayer? Is it you? Then get your butt out of there and go get in line for lunch before someone else get's in front of you! Me, I'm sticking around for the prayer and the moving of the Holy Spirit! 

Come Lord Jesus Come!