Monday, January 23, 2012

Run Out of Town!

I spent this weekend on the road and in churches! I did get to spend some much needed time with my folks, which was the hidden agenda surrounded by other things I needed to do, volunteered to do and wanted to do. 

There's nothing like a run out of town to help you think it all through! I get to the point where I just can't listen to another human voice on the radio, and I just turn the stupid box off and I start to melt into my surroundings. When your going 70 down the road you don't want to melt too much. 

Roadkill Scraping Crew!
Some of the things I noticed this weekend were somewhat funny, odd/disturbing like.

1.) People are in way to big of a hurry to get nowhere special. It's plum crazy how fast people drive and how stupid they act about thinking they are the most important ones on the road. If you happen to be one of those people...Get Over Yourself and slow the heck down before you kill somebody!

2.) The interstate system must not have a roadkill scraping crew. Enouff said!

3.) This time of year, you can see so much rather through the trees than you can when they have leaves on them. You can see the different birds and what they are doing, and how spastic the squirrels really are.

4.) Why do people keep old junk cars around in a herd, if they don't run, no one is fixing them and they destroy the view? 

5.) When you ask God to show you something, you better be looking! Don't ask to grow up, be changed, get a word, see a sign, be healed, or get an answer if your head is stuck in some deep dark place sometimes called a butt! 

Right now, at this very moment, I'm in a pretty good place. I feel like the squirrel looks when it holds on to the tree with the back feet, which happen to be higher than the rest, body facing down, head up and tail moving so fast that it's truly a blur. There is excitement in the unknown of possibilities that are waiting on God's timing to happen. He's lining everything out, getting stuff in the right place and if your not watching for His movement, you will miss it. It's all about seeking, looking and being. Are you really seeing what's out there happening? How is God speaking to you through your surrounding? 

I saw a lot of hawks yesterday on my ride home. I love to watch them! Soaring on the air currents, looking for a meal, being still in a tree. They don't miss a thing! The smallest mouse, the movement of a blade of grass. Sometimes they are so focused, that they never see that Semi that's fixin to be between them and the object. 

I want to pay attention, to my surroundings and mainly, to the movement of God. Sometimes God can be that Semi, and if we're too focused on something other than Him, SMACK!     

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