Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Mary said what?

You know, sometimes I feel like I really get it! I'm on board, ready to do what is asked of me, go above and beyond, that extra mile thing. Then there are times like today when I feel like sticking my tongue out and going "Pbbbbbbt" all over everybody. So you have been warned!
Maybe it's just better if I do what Preacher man said I should do, "Go run the grump right out of yourself". I frustrated with my group, my Garmin, my blood work results, the season, my work, my lack of direction and being unfocused. I want to sit out in front of this house and throw rocks at people driving by speeding in a school zone. I want to shake people who don't get that the change has to come from within, not the government. 

When you boil everything down, it's all about relationships. Always has been, always will be. I just get tired of saying the same thing especially when no one is listening. Not that what I have to say is new and different, it's just now I think I know a little bit about how the prophets of old felt. No wonder Jonah ran away from what God asked him to do. He wanted those folks to get what they deserved, and I gotta say, "I'm with you Jonah!" Let then reap what they sow, see if I care. 

And then, the trinity got involved and sent Gabriel down to chat with Mary. And you know what happened? Mary said YES! She didn't sit down to figure out how she was going to explain all this to Joseph or her parents before she said YES, she just said, I am your hand maiden! Holy Moly!! Do we do that? Ever?

God is trying to communicate with us daily, but we are in too big of a hurry to hear, let alone say YES! I think of the times He's asked me to do somethings and I have said no, not right now, maybe later. I'm sick about it too, cuz what if I had said yes? This makes me not want to miss a second chance, that God might ask again. So I wait, during this season of advent, which is what we are called to do, wait and listen. Even when I would rather hang out with Jonah in the belly of a big fish! 

Come Lord, your servant is listening. 

Now I'm going to run the grump right out of myself! 

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