Monday, November 7, 2011

Women: Journey of Transformation

This is the Journey of Transformation for women, the disclaimer is, 'some women'. I will try and explain as best I can.

Women start out in the 'one down position' in most cultures. They don't have the power that men have, in fact, in some cultures, will walk a step behind their husbands. Women don't need to be taught the 5 Lessons of Spiritual Life because they are taught these lessons by their bodies. Again, these are:
1. Life is hard!
2. You are not that important!
3. Your life is not about you!
4. You are going to die!
5. You are not in control!
So in a strange way, we have a head start on these lessons that men have to learn. A big thank you goes out to our bodies! 

Women start out on a descent. They identify self in relationships. Around age 21, she starts to let others change her, in order to grow. She is more ready to dought self and is open to hurt. In fact she becomes hurt very easily.

Between the ages of 22-42 she is busy doing and being. This is called the Body & Soul time. She is spending time contemplating health vs sickness, rich vs poor. Problem solving becomes a way of life as children come on the scene and she figures out what her job is in the scheme of things. However, "there is a gathering storm". If these struggles don't occur and she doesn't 'mature' you very well might find her working the street corners in the city and spending time in  and out of jail. These are the women we call Young Fools.

Mid life crisis happens around the age of 42-49.  It's usually not as big as with men, but there are a lot of little things that happen. There is a desire for wholeness and the accent begins in a woman's life. There has been pain in her life, if the pain is not transformed into mercy and understanding then she shoot out to the right and becomes Embittered. If the pain is transformed, she begins her accent, which occurs between the ages of 50-65. She is gaining strength, wisdom and she knows what she knows. This is going on at the same time that men are on their decent and learning to let go of power. So she is gaining power and he is letting go. If she doesn't learn that God is in control she will shoot out the top and become the 'witch on a broom'.  If the lessons is learned, she becomes the Holy Fool at just about the same time the man does. 

This is when we become who we are in our essence! 

So while we are a like, in that we are humans, we have paths that are very strange and different from each other. The finial years should be years of being Holy Fools together and knowing that neither is in control because that would be Gods job!

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