Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Dang Doctor!

I didn't tell you what happened when I went to see the thyroid doctor did I? Let me start off by saying he's a punk! I'm sure he's around my age, but while I was visiting with him I felt the urge to smack him. Know it all doctors that think they know me! Of all the nerve! I guess I need to explain don't I?

I couldn't pull anything over on this guy. I asked him about drugs, he gave me the right answers. I told him I wasn't sleeping well, he told me that was because I wasn't exercising. "Can't you just up my script doc?"
"After a blood test, if that's what's needed, yeah."
I want to weigh 135 again.
I don't want you on the scales any more. I want you to go off of the way your clothes are fitting.
I want back in my 8's then! 
There's a marathon in Bentonville in April, I want you to run it.
I'll send you some info on a training program, we'll work on your med's and you need to start running again!

So I got to thinking about it. I've been thinking about it for two weeks now. So yesterday I went out for a run. Can I just take a minute to tell you just how out of shape I've become? I mean, I remember being able to run 13 miles before that dumb dude tore my hip flexor and I was in size 6 pants then! 

2 miles. That's what I did. I had to come in a hit my inhaler too cuz I have exercise induced asthma. 25 minutes to do 2 miles. Now there was walking in there too and I was glad to make it back to the house without having to go to someones house and ask for a ride home. I don't even know anyone to ask, but I'm glad I didn't have to do that!

I also found a penny on my run. Now those of you that have been following me for a while probably know about the penny thing. For those of you that don't, let me explain. When I was running the soup kitchen in Durango, Bubba was one of my clients. He did a lot of walking and he would ask God to give him dimes when he was doing what he was suppose to be doing. He would save them up and give them to someone or use them in some way, but God was faithful in always giving him dimes.

One day last year, I didn't know if I should be running any more or not and asked if God would give me a sign to let me know. I found a penny. Every time I start to question if that's what I should be doing, I find a penny. 

Yesterday, I was huffing and puffing down the road, thinking about how I'm 20 pounds over weight, my running clothes are starting to rub my underarms and I looked down and almost fell! There is was, a penny!

So I guess I better get that training program in print huh?
Dang doctor! Think he knows me! Of all the nerve!


Leslie said...

LOL!!! Love this post. Darn Dr. ROTFL!!! Need some face time with you friend! I just signed back up for WW...

Kimer said...

Thanks Leslie! Hang in there with WW it's the only thing that really works!