Sunday, November 6, 2011

Men: Journey to Transformation

This is the diagram that we got for Dudes! It's how the Journey of Transformation happens for most males. I'm going to try and explain to the best of my ability!

Starting on the left hand side, down on the bottom is where males begin. This accent needs to be short and brief. It's where every men wants to matter, be a hero, be significant, important and big. If no one comes along side of these young males,  and tells them what to do with pain, or how to handle power, they become angry. If this continues, they become Young Fools. Our prison system is full of Young Fools. They were never taught what to do with pain or power, so they are loose cannons going off everywhere. 

Something to remember about males is in almost all cultures, except in the United States, there is an initiation process, or rite of passage, from being a boy to being a man, that males go through on their way to adulthood. We do not have the rite. This is sad! That rite of passage is where the big V is on the line. The accent continues and the young men are growing in their desire to be have it all, be it all and this continues until they are about 35. This is when the Great Defeat comes into their lives, in so shape or form. They see that they can't have it all. The five necessary lessons of the spiritual life that are learned here are: 
1. Life is Hard! 
2. You are not that Important!
3. Your life is not about you!
4. You are going to die!
5. You are not in Control!
If they do not learn these lessons from the Great Defeat, they become Old Fools, which shoots out after the round circle holding the 35. If they are growing as they should during this Great Defeat, they are seeing that something has come into their lives and they can't fix it. It's the confrontation with the Cross. Humility and honesty are needed here and this happens around 35-55. If they don't get the humility part they flat line out to the right as Embittered Old Men. Nursing homes are full of these men. If they do get it then they start the Wisdom Descent, or letting go. You can chart spiritual growth by what they are letting go of. They start to understand about trust, patience, Holy abandonment, giving up and letting go! They see that faith and control can't co-exist and victory is redefined. This is when they become Holy Fools and this is a beautiful thing to see. 

I will do the Females tomorrow. Something to remember is that in our culture, some women take this very journey, just like the men. Because females are raised very much like males in being told that they can do anything the boys can do. So if your a female, this journey may make a ton of sense to you. 

Also noted, is that because we as a culture don't have the rite of passage for men, a lot of the young men are coming back home and laying on the couch in their parents house playing video games until the sun comes up the next day. They have no work ethic, because they never held a job while in high school. They have not been shown what it is to be a man.  So we have tons of males between the ages of 23-38 that are living off their parents. 

Give me your thoughts on this. I's love to hear about how this hits you.

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