Friday, October 23, 2015

The sky is falling!

A strange thing started happening yesterday. It was so strange, I felt compelled to post about it. It started to rain.

Now most of you know we now live in Northern Texas. We have lived in a lot of different states, that experience different kinds of weather, at different times of the year. We were not here when Texas got it's flooding in the spring. I can only say I'm sure it was like letting 38 puppies loose in a kiddie pool filled with balls! 

These people do not, I repeat, do not know how to drive or act when the sky is falling, I mean, when it's raining! 

We own over 5 umbrella's, most Texans do not even have 1. 

I have 2 rain coats and a few water proof things that I would considered outer wear. Texans have boots. 

The phase "Turn around, don't drown", is more like a dance move to these people.

Every time an emergency vehicle went down the road, the girls I work with would say "Someone just hydroplaned into a ditch!" 

Truth be told, I love seeing stuff like this because it makes me feel a little more put together, well rounded and prepared. I'm glad my parents let me drive when we had an ice storm, it taught me what not to do. I'm proud of the fact that I also know how to drive in snow and rain. The most important thing to remember is to slow down and think ahead, something that too many people do not do.

As I write, 3 emergency vehicle's have gone by... really people? 

On a side note: It's pecan time. That means that we have pecan's falling out of the 5 trees in our yard! Gracie and I have been picking them up everyday. OK, I've been picking them up, she just wants me to crack them open and feed her. 


I've started filling a 5 gallon bucket, it will give Daddy something to do when they visit! I've got to figure out how to keep him from eating them all though!

This is what's keeping me sane right now! Preacher man!

And this...running. I spent 8 weeks race walking, and this week I started the run walk. I just know I'm prone to injury, so I'm taking it slow. It's a gross picture, but it's close to Halloween, so I'm trying to scare ya!  

By the way... This is a new head band. It say's "In my dreams I'm a KENYAN"

Peace out and Dream on!

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