Tuesday, October 6, 2015

October in Bowie Texas

Seems there are some pretty exciting things that need to be shared, so I guess I better get started!

My new flag came in the mail today!! I'm so excited! We don't seem to have a "October" flag, have one for harvest/Thanksgiving, but no Halloween. It's made out of burlap, which is a first for me, but it's big and bright and awesome! So, now I have 2 pumpkins sitting on the porch, the flag and a really cute bat made out of wood that I bought this past weekend at the Chicken and Bread day's festival. What???!! You haven't heard of Bowie's Chicken and Bread day's? Well, let me fill you in!

Even though Bowie’s checkered history includes some of America’s most wanted outlaws, Bowie is also home to some dashingly successful achievers. The Chicken and Bread Days Heritage Festival, held the first weekend in October, gets its name from a group of young entrepreneurs. This includes Amon G. Carter and Mose Johnson, who got their start selling chicken and bread to train passengers passing through Bowie – an early 1900s version of the fast food restaurant. There, standing in the depot and alongside train windows, were the “Chicken and Bread Boys.” Each carried hampers brimming with delicious fried chicken, warm loaves of fresh baked bread or tasty biscuits. Travelers eagerly searched their pockets and purses for money. At 10 cents a serving, why not?
Today’s celebration buzzes with activity. Entertainment includes singers, dancers and one of the best fiddlers contest in the North Texas area. Antique cars, vendors and activity booths line downtown streets, while area artists and quilters exhibit their creations.
There you have it! So we went down to check this festival out and here are some of the things we saw.
 Children panning for gold in a cow troff.
People wearing chicken's on their heads! 
This is Bowie's answer to Kentucky's "Corn Hole" game. You throw the bean bag in the chicken laying box. So maybe it's called "Chicken Hole". 
This is what happens when children toss egg's at each other. Someone always misses, and what happens? This is what happens! Oh the carnage!  
First off, I don't know how I took this picture upside down. Second off, this was the only chicken and bread to be found. It's a biscuit by the way! And of all the groups cooking at this festival, this chicken came from Chicken Express, a fast food chicken joint! Of all the nerve!
Needless to say, it was interesting and I believe I could set up a chicken stand and sell my BBQ sauce here.
Let's see what else has been going on? 

We have what we think are limes coming off our citrus tree. Yes, I am a Master Gardener, and No I don't know the difference! There was a sign on the tree when we bought it, but we forget what it said!

This was what it looked like as I was driving to my first day of work! Oh, I forgot to mention that huh? I got a part time job as a receptionist/assistant at Cross Timber Veterinary Hospital. It's large and small animal! I'm so excited because I've never worked at a vet! They have 2 locations. The main one is in Bowie and the branch one is in Nocona. Oh, here's something else. Nocona Texas is where they make Nocona boots, which are awesome boots. However, I have always said it Nacona. I got corrected! You say it No-con-a. Dang picky Texans!

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