Saturday, December 19, 2015

Being Better

I think we all want to be better people around Christmas but we forget to plan for it. Maybe we think that if we think about being better, it will somehow happen. And when it doesn't we console ourselves by saying At least I thought about being better! 

As most of you know, I'm a planner. I have become this way by seeing that when you plan, more fun is had, more places visited and more time is spent with people, instead of waiting around for them. Also, many of you know I also like to be a free spirit, going where the wind may take me, stopping along the way and smelling whatever there is to smell. Well, here's the deal... you can't be a free spirit unless you have a plan that you can be a free spirit from, make sense? You can't just go to the local rib shack and hang out thinking your going to spend time with your best friend from out out of town, heck even your in town friends. I'm sorry if this is news to you, but stuff like that only happened in the movies.

I push my agenda of planning on my family. I'm known as The Planner, I think, maybe it's something else. Anyway, this became my agenda when Preacher man and I lived in Durango, CO. You live 2 days from family and you learn to plan. 

We now live about 7-10 hours from family and my desire to plan has kicked in. Problem is we aren't going anywhere for Christmas, no one is coming here, and there really isn't anything to plan for... until 2 days ago. Work is having me go full time. Now I gotta plan out my day or nothing gets done except work. 

It's like my prayer time has been lately. I don't really have a plan so I sit down and expect something awesome to happen. I need a plan. 

So I'm putting myself back on a schedule, cuz I also have to exercise and I hate exercising when it's cold. I also hate to exercise when it's hot, for that matter. If I don't schedule laundry, we run out of underwear. If I don't plan, I can't relax on my day's off and be a free spirit. 

So as Christmas draws closer, I encourage you to look at what has worked for you this year. Exercise program? Need changing? Even exist? Ok next thing. Prayer time, are you enriched through it? Is it time to change it up a little? A lot? Maybe start to have one?!! You get the point. The new year is just around the corner and while I do not believe in resolutions, I am a planner and I want to be a better person all year, not just around Christmas!

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Reba said...

Love the pictures!! It is so good to "see" both of you. Don't get around too often these days - can't keep up with the time flying by.