Wednesday, September 23, 2015


It hit me this morning that I need to post something, even if it's just a few pictures. I hate having to play catch up when too much time has slipped by!

So we are now living in Bowie Texas, pronounced Boo-e, like the knife, population some where around 5K.  

This is the front of the house. Notice the color of the grass, it's brown! One of the first things I did was start watering. We have yet to get the first water bill, so that maybe stopping pretty quickly!

This is the porch area. We will be spending more time out here as it cools off and the dang mosquitoes die, if they ever do! 

Been here a month and one week. Preacher man has 10 days on me. Confession time... I haven't been freaking out cuz I don't have a job yet, however I have been looking.  Enjoying hanging at the house and trying to figure out where everything belongs. We still have too much stuff!

The house plants love it here, with the heat, sun and low humidity  In fact the low humidity is awesome! In the process of unpacking, I am reminded that there is a lot of humidity in Arkansas. Had to get rid of some books and picture frames.

God showed me today through the Daily text on Seedbed, that we all need to remember we've been called. At times, it feels like it's changed, a lot. But maybe it hasn't. JD says to be called means A really amazing kind of different. 

We are called to be an amazing kind of different. More like Chick-fil-A and less like McDonalds. 

To really see people, to take the time and to see them. How many times have you gotten the strange looks because you start talking to people, people that you don't even know? How are you going to help God change the world if you don't see people? 

We are living in very scary and different times. It would be safe, and maybe even easier to stay away from others and keep to our known business. But aren't we called to be about God's business? And how are we going to be about it, if we don't get out there and see people. 

Just some thoughts I'm having today. I'll end the way JD ended today.

Maybe that’s our big problem today; we’ve given up on our calling to become “Chick-fil-A Awesome” and settled for the mediocrity of a McDonalds mentality.

Peace Out!

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