Saturday, April 25, 2015

April showers!

April showers huh? I swear, I'm sure if my rain gauge hadn't frozen and broke, I would be having a cow keeping up with the amount of rain that has fallen this spring. I'm trying hard not to be critical about it and fall into the bitching mode, as seems to be the norm, but dang, we've had a lot of rain!

Other things that have been happening, besides working my self half to death, is the garden is in! That's right, I have the whole complete garden in the ground and by the shear grace of God, and living on a sandy river bank, it has not died of too much water. To the left is what it looks like right now. If you look real close you can see some cukes coming up!

I do love spring, I think I say that about ever season! I have to admit though, I hate pollen! The yellow covering that happens for the whole month of April is just about enough to throw me into a sneezing fit!

I spent most of the day at my folks house helping put their garden in. That has got to be the high point of living here. Spending tie with them! 

I spent time in the sun today and it helped my mood. I have to admit to St. Ignatius of Loyola, I am in the third week of the spiritual exercises. The suffering with Christ. I forget sometimes that I'm with Christ in this suffering. It's so lonely and hard to feel like anyone is with you. But like the seeds I have planted in the dirt that must die before becoming what they were born to be, I wait. 

It's so very hard to wait. So much easier to run ahead and do what I know feels right.

But I wait. 

With the seeds.

In the dirt.


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