Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sometimes I find it incredibly difficult to make decisions. Let me clarify that statement. I can help you make decisions all day long, but for me, holy moly you'd think the world depended on what I pick. Are you like that? Or am I just some strange anti-decision making person? 

Heres my reasoning behind the difficulty... Fear. 

Bottom line...I don't want to disappoint God. I don't want to run full steam ahead of Him, and I for sure don't want to be caught sitting on my butt! So I let fear creep in and set up camp and I'm preoccupied with my fear of disappointing God.

I think, 7 times out of 10, we make the right decision. Mainly, because we want to do what's right. But I'm thinking we can have 10 out of 10. When we look back over our lives and the decisions made, even the ones we call wrong, made us what we are today in order to make the decisions that need to be made at this time. 

I've been trying to make a decision based on who I was 10 years ago. I am not who I was 10 years ago! I have grown from the decisions I've made no matter if they were good or bad. 

I have no idea what the out come of this decision is going to be. I've done it once, I'm hoping I can do it again. I know more this time around and I also know that satan isn't happy about this at all! 

But here's the deal: Is God calling you to more? More of Him, more of you? 
Is He wooing you to walk closer to Him through this time of trial?
Is there a thirst that is growing inside your soul? 

Yea, me too. I'm doing something about it. 
I'm saying yes to this calling again! 
I'm not who I was, I'm changed. 
I'm enough.

What decisions are you making?


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