Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Come On Man!!

There is anxiety about winter that I guess I really never looked at before. Not only is this the time of year that we all watch the weather like a bunch of psychos, but we get up early just to leave hours before we need to, in order to get to places that we know are going to be hard to get to. Winter is hard, cold, unyielding, and long!

Preacher man is traveling to Conway for two weeks in order to complete a class. This is about a 45 minute drive into city hell. We had snow, sleet, ice and a butt kickin on Sunday, so classes were delayed till 10. They ended up staying past 5, which means it started freezing up again. So this morning, we were up at 4:45 and Preacher man was out the door, up the hill and in Conway by 6:45. At which time he received a message stating that class wouldn't start until noon. Come On Man! How long have you lived in Arkansas? Don't you know that if your going to cancel something or delay it, you need to do it the day before?

I'm hoping to get four reports done in these two weeks for my Practicum II class. It's day two and it's not looking very good. I'm also hoping to make it to the store one of these day's but I don't know if it will be today. 

Sam & Gracie in KY
It's started. The moisture is falling and freezing, or more like freezing then falling. Folks that live a little norther have it so much better than we do living on the line. The line, is the place where rain turns to sleet or ice, not snow. Snow, you can drive on, ice, well, good luck with that! 

While there is anxiety abounding around here, there is also that call to slow down, to notice, to restore. It's hard for me to do, but that just makes the call louder. So I think I'll start a fire and finish reading the books that I need to write about. 

Sorry I haven't posted lately, it's a dry season for me right now. This ice is doing a number on me and I haven't seen the sun enough to lighten my spirit. So won't you join with me and say Come Holy Spirit and bring new life to this cold soul. Rekindle spring in my heart and in my step. Amen.  

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