Monday, October 28, 2013

Straight from Heaven!

We had a rather quiet weekend. Well, it was longer than a weekend, more like Wednesday to Sunday kind of quiet. My favorite little people went to surprise their Grammie for her birthday and she lives in one of those states up in yankee land that begins with an "I". They drove up there, had a blast, and drove home. You know how that is, feels like you spend more time on the road than with the folks you go to see?

The bus came by and got Chloe, which is my clue to get out the door, get my charges so we can head off to school. I stepped out the front door, and there was Lily and Ryan walking after Scout the kitten, who had gone across the street. I stood there watching them, so very glad to have them within ear shot again. With hands on hips, Ryan turned and saw me. I held my arms out wide and he started running to me, so I naturally started running to him. Lily saw what was happening and she began to run too. 

I'm the kind of person that doesn't get all crazy about kids, really! They are small annoying people that make messes and cry a lot. But… 

These kids give hugs straight from heaven! God knew I needed those hugs so he sent these kids to me this morning! These kids are not like any other kids, they are my friends.

Thank you God for bring them all home safely so it can get back to normal around here with the yelling and screaming and crying. 

I must be getting soft. 

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