Monday, September 30, 2013


We received a half an inch of rain since Sunday sometime. Much needed moisture was sucked into the ground effortlessly. Woke up to fog this morning that was breath taking. I love fog! It makes us slow down. It heightens our sense's, while at the same time it muffles everything! Sun hasn't burned it off yet and we are pass the noon hour.

Jack had a family of raccoons that lived in his neighbors Laurel bush. Every night they would come out and cause mayhem and destruction in the stream that ran behind Jack's house. Everyday, Jack would put the rocks back where he thought they belonged. One day, Jack's friend came by and asked him what he was doing. Fixin stuff! Jack then went on to explain how, this species of varmint was put on earth, for no real reason except to make his life miserable.

The friend then said But Jack, everyone has raccoon's in their life.

Everyone has species that come in under cloak of darkness and make piles out of the rocks that lined the stream bed so nicely. The question then becomes, What are you going to do about those raccoons!

Saint Ignatius talks about seeing God in all things

So this is where I am with raccoons right now, trying to figure out what use they have, if any, and what I need to do with them.

I wish I had the answer to all the raccoon questions out there, but I don't. I am however, aware of the raccoon and becoming aware friends is the start. 

Do you have raccoons in your life?    

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