Thursday, September 26, 2013


I'm co-leading Disciple Bible Study (Da-dat-dat-daaaaa!) and I believe this is the third time I've gone through it. The other night we were going over the Marks of Discipleship (a part of the workbook), this is what it said: We are God's creatures. As Christians disciples, we know we belong to God. God has claim on us. How do you show in the way you live that you belong to God? 

I really wish I could see what I wrote 15 years ago! It was probably something full of pride, and look at me-ness. I so thought I had it going on when I took this study years ago. Wow! 15 years can have a way of making your heart humble. 

How do you show in the way you live...How you live. That you belong to God...Your God's. Well, that's personal you know? Yeah, I know. (Pause) Well, here, I'll start. To live simply. To respect my husband. To put other's 1st.

So the class ended and we all went home. The next week, one of the participants made the statement that I had come across their mind that week. I had given the example of drying our clothes on the line as something I do to live simply. Why would you do that? If you have a dryer, why wouldn't you use it and get it done? 

Great question! Sometimes the only way I can thumb my nose at the system is to refuse to be a part of it. If I really didn't want Big Brother to know about me, I'd have to give up the smart phone, stop blogging, somehow get off the grid. Knowing that, I choose to do somethings the "hard way". I collect rain water, line dry clothes, save veggy scrapes for the chicken friends next door, recycle everything, you know, choosing to live simply.

My questions is, why would you use a dryer when you could let God dry your clothes? 

Just something to think about.

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