Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Catch a Cold!

I woke up this morning wondering why I had gone to sleep with the ceiling fan on high. If Preacher man had his way, we wouldn't use the things. He's from the school of: You'll catch a cold sleeping under a fan! Who came up with that stuff anyway? Probably someone that likes to lie in their own sweat.

This time of year makes me want to sit on the porch and just do nothing. I mean, have you been out there and noticed the humidity is under 50%? Wait, you may not be from here... The humidity in central Arkansas is sometimes, somewhat high. Anyway, it's been downright pleasant!

We came to a place this summer where we turned the A/C off and we left it off. Mainly cuz we couldn't afford to cool this house, but there comes a point when it's cooler outside in the morning than it is in your house,? that's when you shut the puppy down and just deal with the heat of the day. It almost prepares you for the coming death grip of winter!!! Almost. 

We're having a yard sell this weekend. I can hear you asking: 
But Kimer, you just had a huge yard sell!
I know! This is the stuff that almost didn't make the cut last time.

I working on having more good day's that bad day's. I believe I can help the odds of this happening if I would just stay home.

We started our new Thursday night service last week. We're calling it 707 for Matthew 7:7, check it out!



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