Tuesday, August 27, 2013


This is us! Ava, me and Lily. You think I could make my eye's disappear any more than that?

In my defense, I was squatting, had my arm around Ava, Lily came up and sat on me which meant we both ended up on the floor. So we had been laughing!

I love these kids! If you would have asked me about them last year I would have given you a very different answer. Now, I know Ava will always be dressed in something fabulous, and Lily will be bossing the world. This is just half of the kids too, the half that I have been entrusted to get to school on time in the mornings!

Preacher man and I were talking the other night about when kids remember stuff. Lily is 7, if we were to move tomorrow, Lily will probably remember parts of us. Ava is 5, chances are if we were to move tomorrow, she wouldn't remember us. Ryan is 3, and he's a boy, he ain't gonna remember nothin'! So I've got to get busy to make sure these kids remember us!

Lily told me that the kids in class found out she had 15 chickens and now they call her chicken girl. She told me she was ok with that. 

Let me tell you what Ava wore today! That hat... it has sparkles on it, oh and that's Lilies hat. Under the sweater, is a shirt...it has sparkles on it too. The skirt... yip sparkles. That is one sparkler kinda girl!

I know I've only been doing this for 2 day's but I think I understand why people like being crossing guards! 

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