Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Root's and all!

Do you learn something everyday? Maybe see something in a different light than on day's before? When that happens to me, I prefer it to be slow and gentle like a kitten rubbing against your leg, not like a big truck horn when you didn't even know the truck was there.

That happened this morning as I was walking back home from taking the girls to school. I had been watching Ava as she tried desperately to walk fast enough to catch up with a neighborhood friend. She kept yelling her name, waving and saying hi! By the time we came up the stairs, they met for a "Good Morning!" 

Do you want a hug? Ava asked her friend. Sure! 

As we continued on our way to her class, I noticed a yellow wild flower, root's and all, in her grasp! Whatcha got there Ava? It's a flower, for my teacher! 

When we got in the class room, she forgot everything except that flower and her teacher. I got this for you! Ava, you sure know how to melt hearts!

That's what she does, she melts hearts! Sometimes she sneaks up on you and does a slow melt and other times she runs up full force and blows you away with a torch! She really doesn't care who you are, she truly cares about you. It doesn't stop at people either, she cares about bugs and flowers and feelings and rocks. 

To me, she is a great example of what Christian love should look like. We should run with great abandon to others just to give them a hug. We should give beauty, down to the roots, to those around us. We can share everything we have, we can even share ourselves with others. 

This girl is not afraid to love! Not only have I learned something today, I've also been changed and refreshed!     

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