Saturday, August 24, 2013


Got up around 4ish this morning. Why? Well, Preacher man was going to deer camp to do some cleaning. In case you aren't aware, men in the south have this ritual that begins when it's hotter than Cooter Brown outside. I'm not sure what the official name is, but they all get together and go clean up a place in the woods where they will be camping and hunting deer this fall. 

Now personally, we have enough to clean up around here and we did see some deer from the porch toward the elementary school last winter. So what is the big deal? 

However, I know that if Preacher man doesn't get away from here ever so often, it can be a bad thing.

I got to thinking this morning about what we're called to do, our destiny, and how we go about acquiring it. Is it something you save for your whole life? Something you can win in a poker game? For us, it was something that God called us to and we found pretty quickly that we were being called away from the empire we had built into uncertainty. 

We had land, a newly remodeled home, more vehicles than two people needed, our own business, good savings account built up, bills payed off and we lived in Colorado for goodness sake!

So when Pre-Preacher man got his calling, and approached his bride with the news that he was being called into full time ministry and we were to leave all this, for what I wanted to know...that's when the lesson in a new chapter began.

You have to walk away from your security to find your destiny. It's that simple and it's that hard.

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