Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Little People!

Things have taken a strange turn around here and I just have to remark...I got a comment on my last post...and I almost started crying. I feel not only seen, but read! Jan and Roger, you are sorely missed by the Workman's from the earlier day's of Emmaus. 

OK, I'm back! 

Listen, the cuke's are gone. I don't know how else to say it. They got a mildew and poof they were gone. Preacher man and I took them out in bags last weekend and then look what happened!

That's what the city refers to as Yard Refuge!
What do you think?

Here's another shot.
See how far it is in the grass?
How do I mow under this?

This is me walking, pretty cool huh?
So here's what happened, little people moved these limbs from their yard to my yard. You can bet your bottom dollar I already talked with said little people and they have been warned to keep it on the asphalt.

Dang ole tree limbs in my yard anyway...

I did this yesterday! 
Roasted Tomatoes!!!
The woman that gave birth to the little people, as infants, instructed me in this loveliness. 

What's a neighbor to do? 

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