Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Neighborhood Watch!

The neighbors are gone to Branson for the week and while they have someone taking care of the place until Thursday at 10 am, which is when our time starts, I still have to keep an eye on things. 

You have to understand, there are more animals at that house than there are people! Let's see, we have Mattie and Dot, which are the 2 dogs, Loki, Scout and Sally which are cats. Wait, disclaimer, Loki is a cat, the other 2 are kitten's. We can't forget my 15 chicken friends, who have names I'm sure, I just don't know them yet.

Part of my job as a neighbor is to take veggy food scrapes to the chicken friends about twice a day, if I have it. If I get there first, I let the girls out of the hen house and almost get stamped with chicken feet as they scamper to the scrapes. 

The other day, we had over an inch of rain fall in like 30 minutes. Both Sally and Scout were outside and Scout literally doesn't have enough sense to get in out of the rain. Sally was under a car. However, these kittens do come when they are called and if it sounds like fun.

Sunday after service, I was standing in the Narthex talking with some folks and I saw Sally run up to the front doors of the church, and kinda stretch on the windows. I thought, Sally... Do you need you some Jesus?

I didn't take the opportunity to explain the Roman Road to Sally, however, I did pick her up and carry her back to the yard she is suppose to be staying in.

On a sad note, my cuke's have mildew and it looks like the pickling will be coming to an abrupt halt.       

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