Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Clean Heart

This is one of the scriptures that is speaking to me this morning. I'm a underlinen, highlightering, jot it downer! My Bibles (yes, as a Preacher wife, I have more than one Bible) are underlined and some have dates and situations written beside them. This is a record of my life. 

I use to think that I had a spiritual life and a regular life. I kept them pretty much separated. Somewhere along the line, they started going together and meshing. Only God can do those things! 

Here's an example: To speak the words of Psalm 51, at first, it's a very noble thing to say. Why, yes Lord, give me a clean heart, a do over kinda heart. So, it get's underlined. Then, sometime later, the words something thats not right in our hearts get's written above it.

The words of the this Psalm, start changing in our minds. If, you say these words, out loud, is this not a request of God? 

For me, I come to these points in my life where God and I take off the gloves and we get real with each other. Truth be known, I'm the one getting real, cuz God always is! I have this conversation with myself about really wanting a clean heart? Wouldn't it be better if you just changed all them Lord and straighten them out?! 

So here I am...hanging out with The Word, and God shows up and I start to see my need for God to make a clean heart in me... This is something that ONLY God can do! Our part in it all? Be open and available, pay attention, be aware, and finally... let God have His way.  

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