Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Our youth did the 30 Hour Famine last week, which means they didn't eat for 30 hours; to raise funds and awareness for starving children in Africa. They lived in cardboard boxes on the front lawn of the church! It's was a great time for them. They broke the famine at the prayer service with communion. It was an awesome time. 

Sitting through that prayer service, I was encouraged in my heart. We had a time of meditative prayer, followed by communion and topped off with music. It refilled me, as I find myself in what lately.

I am once again reminded of the spirit of childlikeness. That when we come before Him small, weak, and open, He will be there! 

During the service we sang "I'm Madly in love with you" and it just did something to me. Jesus reminded me and He set me free. He called me to more, and He refilled my soul! 

If we will come to Him and make ourselves like children, He will refill us and encourage us and equipped us for the job He has called us to. The key being, come to Him. That's really all He asking, just come. He will provide the rest. Just show up!

So often, we are too busy with our own agenda's and we don't make time for the Father of our soul. I encourage you to take 15 minutes today, find a place to sit, and just show up! Here I am God! I have no idea what I'm suppose to do, but you told me to come, so here I am. Then just be still and listen.     


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