Wednesday, July 17, 2013


Sometimes, we have to stop being The Creator and be the creation! I've been thinking about this for awhile. When I play creator, I gotta be honest with you, it flat out wears me out! I just can't keep up with everything and when the control starts to slip from my fingers, all I can do is watch it and cry out, "WHY!?" I try harder to gain that control back, to keep my eyes on the hundreds of things that need my control and input. 

Let me share something that happens a lot with me and The Creator, I crack Him up! I can see Him in my minds eye just having a big ole belly laugh at my plans and concerns about everything. 

One of the most important things that happened for me while at seminary was the healing I received for playing creator. I now know how much better things are when I do my part and only my part. I can not force people to know Jesus, I can only let Him live in me and change my life. I can not make people like me or respect my thoughts, I can only be true to what Jesus is calling me to do.

Now this upsets folks, and I gotta say, that would be their issue not mine. I am learning to let them be and do what I'm doing anyway. But here's the deal, if they would stop being the creator and would be the creation, I wouldn't bug them so much!

It's a known fact that I can't be put in a box. They try and hold the Preacher's Wife card over my head and I walk away from that cuz their idea isn't what God has for me. Really, you can try it, and when you get me in that box, just watch what happens. 

I know who my Creator is, He calls me by name and I come when I'm called. After Him, I take marching orders from the Preacher man, and that's just about it. 

I'm having a reset happen to me. I slyly look up to heaven out of the corner of my eye and I see my Creator nod with approval. I am His creation! I march to the beat of His drum. He has me and all the plans I will ever need all in His control.

So now, as the creation I was made to be, I will go out this day and be 100% who He is calling me to be! 

Wanna run through the sprinkler with me?

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