Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Week

Wow! Preacher man asked me after Easter services, if I thought Christmas was busier or Easter. I thought about it for 2.3 seconds and said EASTER! 

In the life of the church there is a lot going on during Advent. Things to hang, parties to go to, presents to buy and wrap, houses to prepare, you know, a lot of stuff. 

There doesn't seem to be that much going on at Easter. I mean, we do the Easter egg hunt, we order the lilies, we make the youth do the sunrise service, but in the life of the church, there doesn't seem to be as much going on. Yet, in the life of the disciple, there is a lot going happening on the inside.

The disciple has been walking with Jesus in his passion, on his way to the cross. Taking the time to look into the eyes of the man that would die, so that we could live. To stand at the foot of the cross with the Mary's and John as Jesus breaths his last breath. I gotta tell you people, if you haven't done that... it will flat wear you out!

So that's where I find myself right now, wore out. But it's good and it's wide and it's different...I'm different. I think that's what Easter is about, becoming different.

To me, Christmas celebrates Easter. 

Holy Week was like living through winter and now Easter Week is like living in spring. 

Preacher man rocked the house by the way. http://sylvanhillsumc.com/System/Media/Play.asp?id=38577&Key=3223711C-0FAE-4456-A306-5D0C2C7B205A    

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