Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Yard of Life

As I sit on the back porch, I see it as a snap-shot into life. There is hard work just down the stairs, into the garden, or there is rest if I stay put. When we take the chance to walk out into the garden, we find weeds, roots that don’t belong, big and small rocks, and soil that is holding it all, good and bad. 

Our life's are like that, they have things in them that take effort to remove. The rocks and weeds don’t have to be taken out mind you. They can stay right where they are and if we’re lucky, people will think the weeds are grass if we don’t let them get too close. In fact, it might be easier to just stay on the porch and watch from a distance.

God calls us, He woo’s us, to come down into the garden of our life and to get messy with Him. There is no doubt about it, life, church, relationships...they are all messy, but God will go with us and help us to sort out the weeds and rocks from the soil and worms. 

God will never take us anywhere we don’t want to go. If we want to stay on the porch and have people look at our gardens from a distance, that’s just were we’re at, and God will let us stay there. If we really want to see what’s going on in our garden, if we want to try to grow some plants that will give fruit, then we’re going to have to go down those stairs, into the yard and get messy. Intimacy begins here, in the place where we just come and we “be” with God in our messiness.

I invite you to walk out into your yard of life, and to start out by just looking. Come down off the porch and just walk around with God. He has things to show you if your ready to see them.  

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