Thursday, January 10, 2013

Walk like a Penguin!

The last word you heard from me, I had worked out with Jillian. I would like to report that I am able to move more like a person today instead of a penguin. Yes, that's right, I have been so beyond sore since Monday that I really thought about using the wheel chair from the church to get around in. The problem being it won't fit in the Mini and we live in a tri-level house! 

I went out and got a massage yesterday and that helped so much that I soaked in a hot tub of Epson Salt when I got home. Low and behold, I am moving much better. I'm not kidding, I was walking like a penguin. Dang Jillian! I might try it again tomorrow!

I'm thinking about changing my web site up. I'm not getting any comments and Preacher man says it's cuz it's hard to do on this site. Is that true? I know one or two are reading this thing and surely I'm saying something that you can comment on! You know, if you find this commenting thing to be true, would you drop me an email and let me know? is my address.
Also I'm thinking about changing the title, take a look and let me know the one or two you like the best?! Here's the list:

  • Little Wheels
  • Preacher's Wife
  • Pickles & Sauce
  • Kimba's Calling
  • The Call
  • Healing Heart
  • PW Wisdom (Preacher's Wife)
  • Broken
  • Oasis Mystic (Oasis is the name of our non-profit)
  • Woman at the Water Pump
  • Not Prefect
  • Enough
Do you have an idea? Let me know your thoughts!
Looking forward to hearing from you!
Peace Out!


TheEccentricLady said...

Hi Kimer. I like your name now.Not sure about the new ideas. A name is important. I'm not sure what your husband is referring to, it's easy to post comments here. Ok maybe it's the necognition thing, I do hate doing that. I don't get very many comments either but on my stats I do have people coming by when I post. I need to post more often though. Not sure why some people get lots of comments and some very good blogs don't? Our followers are not like us, they are quiet ;)

Kimer said...

EL, You are so right about you needing to post more!! Thanks for your input! And get busy with blogging!! ;)