Saturday, January 12, 2013


Today is day 3 of Shred and I'm doing so much better! I mean the whole penguin walk was cute, but painful. I get a little tired of hearing Jillian, but as I get better and move off of level 1, I'm sure she'll start saying different things.

This evening I made 5 dozen Lemon cookies for the evangelism committee. Yes, Preacher man saw to it that I got on a committee that needed some guidance. We had our first meeting of the year last week and decided we would make cookies for the AA group meeting in our church and the fire departments in Sherwood. So two of us will be heading out on Monday to share cookies and church info. 

I got 3 people to comment from my last blog, one being a fellow blogger, the others were my parents. 

I'm a bit depressed about the Broncos loosing tonight. I miss Tebow! Think I'll go to bed!

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