Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Too Busy!

I just love it when the weather changes everything! It goes to show who is married to their schedules and who goes with the flow.

We had over an inch of sleet/ice yesterday that started about 10 am, just in time for our Bible study. Instead of 13 we had 8 and God rocked the house, or at least the room we were meeting in. I didn't make it to weight in at weight watchers, nor did I make it to the Master Gardeners meeting over in LR. However, I did get to help Preacher man in the office and Lord knows he needs it!

One of the things that was brought up yesterday in class was how busy people are and there just isn't time to come together for prayer meetings and such. Now, this was said as we were watch hundreds assemble at 5:00 to a church that didn't even start the prayer meeting until 7:00. So I don't think those people, who live in Brooklyn, and I'm sure are just as busy as people living in NLR, weren't busy. What I think is they made time for whats important in their lives.

Preacher man said the whole busy excuses is a ruse, something that people hide behind. So I got to thinking about it and I'd like to add something to it. Not only do we blame busy for keeping people out of our churches and prayer meetings, we also blame young people. What I find interesting is it's the older folks that are doing this blaming. So, this ruse, which means a trick, stratagem or artifice, is being used by people who don't want anyone to look at them.

Here's the deal: Stop worrying about everybody else being too busy, and start looking at your schedule . When was the last time you showed up for something that you were too busy to go to? Or something that someone thought you would either enjoy or might stretch you spiritually? Here's a good question: When was the last time you went to more than just church? 

If you want to invest in soccer, football, yoga, and book of the month club, that's all well and good, but don't be telling me that every bodies too busy for more Jesus, cuz I'm going to look at you and wonder why your trying to ruse me.      

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