Monday, December 31, 2012

Showing Up!

Sometimes it really can be about showing up! The fancy word for showing up is faithfulness. As a layperson, I feel I have a few things to say about showing up, and as a pastor's wife, I know how much it means to have people who are faithful to their church! Another word that can be used in here is dependable. I remember as the director of a NonProfit, I counted my few dependable, faithful, volunteers as my bread and butter. In fact, there wasn't much I could do without them, and I told them this, often!!

In the church, it's the same way. God is looking for faithfulness in His people. Think about it, it's one of the few things we can give back to God. We can have all the stunning gifts, wonderful talents, and amazing personalities, but if we aren't showing up, being faithful and dependable, what they heck are we doing?

What am I talking about when I say faithful and dependable? Well, it would be attending services and functions whenever possible, even when you'd rather be at a Hog game, or the deer woods are calling your name. Not simply because you may get something out of it, but because your presence says something about what you value. 

Let me ask you 2 questions. Did you go to church on Sunday and Monday last week? Did you see people that were there then but didn't show back up yesterday? Then you, my friend, are faithful and someone I consider a church hero.

See, sometimes it is about showing up. We may not think anyone notices, or that none really care, but let me tell you how wrong that thinking is. God notices and so does your Pastor. Keep showing up you faithful few, God has great things for you!

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