Wednesday, September 12, 2012


How many times in your life have you been stuck? I mean any kind of stuck. Stuck in a jam, traffic, in the mud, on a problem, in a relationship, you know, stuck! Do you know that one of the main things that keeps us stuck is fear? Fear of failure, change, success, you name it and we got fear about it! What is the one thing that we say when you realize we have said fear? We say we're going to work on that, don't we? Here's my question to you if you are nodding your head... How in the world do you do that?

I find that I work too stinkin' hard on stuff that I shouldn't even be messing with! Look at fear, what does God say about fear? It ain't  from Him!!! So who would it be that brings us this lovely fear? That's right, the evil one! So if we are holding on to fear, what are we really holding on to?

Here's the deal: When we let go, when we choose, when we risk, we just might find that we are braver than we ever thought possible and stronger than we would have guessed. Why is that? Maybe because we are letting go, choosing, risking it all and that would require wholeheartedness on our part. Cuz you can't let go just some, that's called holding on. What if we were to enter into life fully, all in, all or nothing...ready to be surprised, forgiven, loved, trusted, to engage, to add to someone's life, to be counted on to forgive ourselves and move on? What if?

BUT IT"S SCARY!!! I know dear heart, it is. But the pure glory of it all, of letting go and surrendering, gives you this freedom, this lightness, that you will want again and again. 

I'm so done with workin hard at stuff I have no business workin at. I'm ready to risk, I'm ready to run through the flowers of life and smell everything I can get my hands on! 

I want to think again of dangerous and noble things.
I want to be light and frolicsome.
I want to be improbably beautiful and afraid of nothing,
as though I had wings! ~ Mary Oliver

Don't you want to come too?  

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