Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fill me up Lord!!!

Preacher man and I set up for our Bible study last night around 5, came home, got it together and went back to church about 6:15. The women had been in the sanctuary last week and the men had taken the fellowship hall. We had around 20 women and 11 guys, so we thought we'd get a little closer and put the gal's in the hall and the guys in the conference room. Mind you, I set up for 24 women, cuz a few had told me they couldn't be at the first one, but would make it to the rest. We began at 6:30, after adding 2 more tables and a total of 30 chairs, which were all full! I have never in my life had 30 women show up for a Bible study, ever! There's a part of me that wants to break them down into smaller groups so we can have sharing going on, and there's a part of me that say's keep it one group. 

It blew my mind! I told them so too! I did most of the talking and I felt like that's what they wanted and needed right now. I was talking about how precious they were and that they were worthy to have God's Holy Presence live in them and it was like God smacked me up side the head. I sensed Him saying; Look at them, I love them so much and I think it surprises them. They are my sweet girls. Just look at them. Who wouldn't love them? That's when it hit me... no one has told them that before.

My heart was breaking and I really couldn't talk fast enough to get the words out. I told them again of their worth and that God had a plan for each of them. A few had expressions that showed shock, but I had to confess, I knew how hard it was to believe. How could God love me, for me? The answer is, I don't know, but I do know he does.

See, I think we as women have been tying for so long to be just as good as men that we have forgotten how to be women. We want the power and the prestige, to climb that corporate ladder and be all that we can be. But then we see that the ladder we've been climbing is leaned against the wrong wall, our power and prestige has gotten us heart attacks at 50, and we are flat out miserable! 

That my friends, is when we can be molded and formed by the master. When we come to the end of ourselves and all we can do is look up, that's when God say's My Turn!!!

So we have started on this journey of seeing our spiritual life as a cup, ready to be filled with the Divine! I am beside myself with excitement and can't wait to share with each one of these lovely ladies, just how much God loves them and to see what He has planned for each of them!

Yeah God!!! Get em!!   


Anonymous said...

Hi. Kimberly,
I have gotten to that miserable stage while trying to run my own life. I have been living with negativity for too long.
How does one surrender to be " molded by the master?"
My cup heeds to be filled.
As a spiritual adviser, I was hoping you could help me.
God Bless You

redheadbeck said...

Yeah!! This gave me chill bumps! Yes! We do need to hear this from our Heavenly Father!! And apparently over and over and over!!! Whoo Hoo!!!!!

Kimer said...

It's so hard to say when I don't know what your doing now as far as spiritual disciplines go. I think the more we get into the word, the more our faith grows. I've been at this for almost 13 years now and it's still hard to be molded. I will try and write about that soon.
Blessings to you friend on this journey!

Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly,
My spiritual practice consists of home-based Centering Prayer, meditation, breathing exercises, reading St. Ignatius and Benedict, The Desert Fathers and Mothers And the Bible. Besides your site, I visit Bible Gateway, Insight Timer and Sacred Space ( Irish Jesuits) daily.

I come away inspired and resolved to do better but slip back into negativity at sometime during the day. This ends up hurting myself and others close to me. Do you have any suggestions?
God Bless You

Kimer said...

Geoff, why don't you email me.