Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Gasket Blown!

I just about blew a gasket before 10:00 am! I will say where I went and I bet you a dime to a dollar you will nod your head and utter words like, "Yeah, I know what your talking about". DMV!

I swear, they will all but take your religion from you down there and make it sound like it's you fault! All this is say, I need tags for the Mini Cooper and yesterday was the day to do it, so of course today is when I thought about it.

I asked Preacher man what I needed so I could be ready to have whatever they were going to ask for. He pulled out 2 pieces of paper and the insurance card and off I went. By the way, I try very hard to be filled with joy every time I go into that den of vipers, and I was today! Getting there at 8:30 meant there wasn't a line so I went to the accessor first and she told me I was going to have to call Benton country and file with them cuz I was living there at the end of May. That's when I found out that I had left my phone at home. So the little diva gave me the phone number to call when I got home, cuz Lord forbid them make a stinkin' call! That's when an angle of light said, "Here, let me use my cell phone and call them for you". Lord bless Sharon!

THEN, Sharon, aka angle of light, got off the phone and said your going to need the bill of sell from selling your Ford Truck! WHAT? Preacher man hadn't given me no bill of sale, poop! So, she did a fax request for my assessment file records, or whatever they are called, and I left for church to find out about said bill of sale!

Long story short, I made the bill of sale, had the check with address of who we sold the truck to. Cut my finger, to make sure I still had red blood, cuz I knew that was what they were going to ask for next! Off I went, back to the DMV. 

I pulled number 86 and waited, all the while saying "Come Holy Spirit!" Shawena called out 86, I jumped right up and said good morning as she ignored me and read a calendar note for the day. "What do you need?" "Tags", I said. "Where's the title?" "I don't have it, you must have it." "Why would I have it?" OK, by about this time I was starting to settle into my I'm going to crawl over this little wall between me and you and I'm going to find the dang title, lovely lady with the forked tongue! So I said, "All I know is that dude down there had this piece of paper that he got from behind that door, maybe he knows where the title is!" Lovely lady with the fork tongue then get's up, yells at dude and go's behind the door and comes out with, you guessed it, the title!

"Where's Preacher man?" (She really didn't call him that but I'm telling this story and that's what I call him) Oh no, you are not going to go there with me, no Lord, I will lose it if she says "Preacher man's name is on the title and he's going to have to come up here and sign all this paperwork!"

As I left I could feel my jaw tightening and my teeth set on edge! Why Lord? Why did I have to waste my whole morning with that den of vipers? Would it not have been better to have just let me float through this? You know what came to mind when I asked this? God laughing so hard that he had to hold his belly and wipe his eyes! He said, Girl, it's the DMV, what were you expecting?


TheEccentricLady said...

This makes me want to lease again when, if ever, I can get a new car. I hate all the hoops we have to jump through just for a car!

Leslie said...

Remember the "Den of Vipers" is really the process not the people. It's easy to love the gals in Bible study not so easy those at the DMV. You didn't waste your whole morning. God had you exactly where He wanted you to be interacting with those who needed His love the most. Jesus would be hanging out at the DMV they are tax collectors after all ;-)
Love you!