Thursday, August 23, 2012


Silence. What does that look like in your life? Is it something that you create each day, or run from each night, or don't even know about cuz life is in control of you? It might be something that you had before the kids came along, and something that you have too much of now that they are gone. 

Silence to me, has changed as I have and I'm not sure if I'm always ok with it. I mean, I'm an extrovert and we get our energy from being with other people, not from being alone and in silence! That's crazy talk! What I have been finding though, is that as God grows me deeper into who He wants me to be, I'm changing and seeing that silence really is a gift!

Our spiritual goal is to be able to come before God as we are, with no titles, merit, shame, or guilt, just as we are! Naked, so to speak, of our walls that we have erected to protect ourselves from life. All we can offer God, and all that He wants, is who we really are. Which by the way, we never feel is good enough. So we make noise and build those walls and become the person we have always thought we were. 

The truth of the matter is we have created our false self. I know this because I was queen of falseselfness for a very long time, and I might add I was very good at it! As I started finding out about Jesus and what he did for me, how he would go off and be alone with God, I got to thinking, there must be something good about all that.

Silence is the language of God, it's all around if you listen for it! It is what we crave if we take the time to follow it's lead. Silence is the only language that is deep enough to absorb our false self. God loves us silently and He waits in the silence for us.

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