Friday, August 31, 2012


I have to say a big I'm Sorry! My posting has been a little on the not so much side lately, however, I'm sure no one is missing it as I haven't gotten any comments about it!?!? In fact, I'm in the process of rethinking this thing some. Preacher man says you can't comment very easily on Blogspot so I might be moving and maybe even changing the name... I'm not getting to crazy about it, cuz there seems to be a few other fires that need to be put out first.

So Isaac came through yesterday and seems to be on his way out sometime today. Unsure about how much rain we got, cuz we still haven't found the dang rain gauge! Guess I'm going to have to break down and get another one.

Have I told you I want an 80 foot privacy fence? Have I told you why? OK, let me 'splane. Our back porch faces the neighbors driveway, which they don't use. To the right of the porch is the over flow parking lot for the church, which said neighbors use as their own parking lot for over 6 cars and a play ground area for their 4 kids and their toys. Said neighbor's park right next to our fence because we have 2 very large pine trees that provide shade...for the time being. Said neighbors also have 2 dogs that they let run loose even though Sherwood has a leash law. They also have 4 large Bradford Pear trees that are so close to our fence that over half the tree is in our yard.

Sitting on your back porch should be relaxing! You should be able to carry on a conversation with your spouse and/or guests without having to listen to battery powered jeeps and Barbie cars, dogs barking and yelling and screaming! Surely that's written somewhere! 

Enter Isaac! Come find out, there is electric lines that run from the street to the said neighbors house through said Branford Pear trees... Have I told you how much I dislike Bradford Pear trees? Guess what happened? The electric company showed up yesterday afternoon and stopped at the road and walked the electric line to the area in the Bradford Pears, where they found the problem. Tree broke and fall on wire, wire come loose from house and pole, said neighbor has no electric, AND it's the electric company's fault!!!

So have I told you I want a 80 foot privacy fence?


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberly, I hope you keep this site going. Even though I don't respond every time I visit the site, I do visit almost daily to draw new inspiration. I truely appreciate your time and efforts in making room for this in your busy schedule.
God Bless You

Kimer said...

Thanks Geoff! I needed to hear that!!!

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