Wednesday, September 5, 2012


It should get to 102 degrees again today! They say it should be cooling off this weekend. Who are they and how do they know? How did we ever get along without them, before they were them? Reminds me of the whole cell phone thing, and cassette players in cars. 

Preacher man is preparing for his first funeral as a Preacher man. Well, he's doing everything but giving the sermon and he's fine with that. Just so long as the family is taken care of and their wishes are done. One of the questions that the family brought up was, What is the proper thing to do with the children? I found this something I have an opinion on...surprise!!! Here's the way I see it:
Preacher man has spent his whole life around funeral's. He comes from a large family and a lot of them were older. So as a kid, he went to funeral's. He also is from the school of thought that you keep the children in church services and they sit there without entertainment and be quite and pay attention. I believe that being around visitations and funerals has given Preacher man the leg up on how to act at said occasions. 

As for me...I was protected from the visitation/funeral thing as a child. I know Mom & Dad had the best intentions with this. But here's the deal; the first time I was ever at a visitation, that I know of, it was for my Grandaddy and I was 38 years old! Needless to say, I still don't know what to say or not say, how to act or what not to do at these things. I cling to Preacher man in a desperate way of trying to learn the right way to do all this awkward stuff. You should see him! He's like a White Swan landing on a still lake, it's beautiful, comforting and something to experience.

So my thought is, we are protecting kids from things they need to be learning. This might be part of the reason 25 year olds are still living at home and can't seem to find a job that specks to their hearts. Why Grandparents are raising their grandkids and our churches are closing down. We've protected ourselves right out of real life! So bring your kids to church and bring them to visitations and funerals! Take the opportunity to teach them about real life instead of letting them play games on their cells phones! When they throw a fit, take care of business outside the main room and make them come back in and behave! Stop protecting them from the lessons that life has to teach them. God really is bigger than all that and if you rely on Him to help you, you can't go wrong!

Just saying...     

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