Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I read something pretty profound this morning! It's not new so much as it's timely for me. I always try to stay open to what the Holy Spirit might be saying to me through the things around me, this is what he said to me today:
The wound is the place where the light enters you!
Have you ever thought about it that way? So many times, it's about quick, clean it up and get a bandage on it so it will start healing. Yet, no matter how well we take care for our wounds, they leave scars. Some are bigger than others, some go deeper than we think, and some are where we don't see them and sometimes we forget that we have them until someone helps bring it to our attention. 

Some wounds are seen on the outside, like the one I have on my left knee. I remember how I got this bad boy like it was yesterday! We were stationed in Hawaii and I was at GirlScout camp somewhere up in the mountains. We were taking a hike down to the ocean and I some how slipped on some rocks and fell crashing to the ground and got a nice sized rock jammed in my knee. The leaders cleaned it up and I got in the salt water when we got to the ocean, but to this day I have a scar, which reminds me that acting a fool and running on rocks down a steep hill will get you hurt. So now I make sure that I act a fool in a rock free area!

The wounds I'm really taking about are the ones that we don't get scars that you can see. The ones that come from being told I don't love you anymore. Or from act's of betrayal, divorce, being bullied, lied to, the loss of a loved one, abortion, being made fun of, or even being told you'll never amount to anything. These are the wounds that if we let Jesus, he will enter our lives through those places and clean them up in the most surprising ways.

 Now, don't think that they go away or that you forget about what happened to you. What happens, IF we LET JESUS, is forgiveness, reconciliation, and an ability to help others let Jesus in to heal them. This is what is known as The Healing Ministry. This is part of the ministry that God has opened for me, in fact, if you have let Jesus shine his light on your wounds, this is a place of ministry for you. Our job, as Christians, is not to keep that light to ourselves, it's to allow it to exit our wounds and to help in the healing of others! Isn't that just like Jesus?             


Anonymous said...

Hi Kimberely,
Glad to hear hear you are settled in new place and congratulations on being certified spiritual director.
I trying to work on old wound of feeling unappreciated and unloved as child. I meditate and pray with Jesus to find forgiveness and self- worth and feel better better for awhile. Then a situation causes me to go into negative, harmful behavior and reopen the wound.
How do I better stay aware of God's presence to help me stay away from such behavior.
Your definition of desolation and depression have been a help already.
God Bless You,

Kimer said...

One of the most important things I think I can share with you is to find a group. I'm not sure where your located or what church you belong, but if you keep searching for the truth it will be found. We have to go back and revisit those old wounds in order to ask Jesus into them, and to see that Jesus was with us. Know that I'm praying for you and your search for healing and wholeness. Keep searching, cuz God will lead you.
One other side note, I did not do any of my healing alone. I had trusted people with me through it all. Remember Satan wants us living in the dark and alone!
God's peace,